Welcome to Thin Space Collective! I’m Chichi Agorom, a curious observer of people whose fascination with the experience of being human on a journey toward wholeness and purpose led me to studying the Enneagram. I am a trained teacher in The Narrative Tradition which prioritizes the felt experience and voices of participants, and I also hold a Coaching Certificate from The Enneagram in Business which focuses on the uses of the Enneagram in organizations. I also earned an MA in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Couples & Family Therapy so when I’m not working with the Enneagram, I spend my days working with individuals, couples, and families to cultivate self-awareness and move towards authenticity, wholeness, and joy.

My life’s work is to help people feel less alone & more known, and to create spaces that increase connection & compassion in an increasingly divided world. The Enneagram is an excellent tool to achieve that, and so is hosting gatherings. That’s why I’m here, and I warmly invite you into the practice of becoming yourself more fully while learning to hold deep compassion for all that you find in the process.

WHY Thin Space

Celtic folklore tells of thin places - mystical places where the boundary between the divine and the natural feels more permeable. The Celtic mystics believed that certain locations offered a transcendental experience that felt like communing with the Divine. I believe that the experience of a thin space can occur in more than just geographical locations - around a table sharing a good meal perhaps, or in response to the Enneagram’s invitation into the sacred space where transformation occurs.


The Enneagram is a transformational tool that gives us resources to help us come home to ourselves, to who we’ve always been beneath the personality structures we created to survive. This centuries-old system combines psychology, spirituality, and somatics into one typing system that has helped millions of people to understand themselves better, thereby improving their relationships, communication styles, and workplace interactions. It provides a roadmap to an integrated life - bringing together mind, body and heart in the pursuit of balance and wholeness. Click here to learn more about the 9 type structures and The Narrative Tradition which uses panel interviewing to teach the system.

transformation through compassion + connection
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